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Decoration Luxury Products Thinking outside of the box
Decoration Luxury Products Thinking outside of the box

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Our business started in Saudi Arabia during the beginning of the eighties, specifically in 1982 and has continued until today. In 2001 we expanded our business and opened a factory in Syria in the city of Aleppo for decoration on glassware and got a reputation for our creativity and innovation. Our factory is currently in Turkey in the city of Istanbul. We expanded in 2014, and it is the factory where products produced carry the Byblos brand. Our artistic work is an essential product for those who are interested in this type of artwork from lovers of beauty and taste.

We at Byblos work with thoughtful plans and have a special approach to art that is difficult for others to imitate. We follow the steps that enable us to engrave and decorate glassware and cups professionally and luxuriously. This is where our primary mission begins, to make our products a masterpiece suitable for many purposes to use, display or decorate.

In Byblos we work according to a well-studied and systematic plan to make obtaining and buying glassware easy. The craftsmanship and professionalism are in how to implement artistic designs on glassware, and therefore this task is the first step of our work. We make it our mission to execute at a high-level with high taste and it is what we are known for. The embellishments differ in terms of their type, and we have specialists in all types of engraved, and painted decorations by hand, and we have the most experienced designers in technical and practical terms. We take great care of our products, and produce products that have been representing us in our professional journey for around 40 years. The product is not out for the public until the quality standards that are set are met.

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After receiving approval from our customer regarding the prices, quantities, and specific products, we will include the deposit and delivery date in the proforma invoice to ensure clarity for both parties.


Process of order

After the deposit is received, your order will move to the production line. Production times vary depending on the product and quantity, both of which play a key role in determining the delivery timeline.


Package and Shipping

After production, your products will be carefully packed in secure and luxurious gift boxes, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition. Our elegant packaging not only protects your items but also adds a touch of sophistication, making your unboxing experience truly special.

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